Great support for tourism and motorcycling with the presence of Boat & Bike Global Adventurers and Harley Davidson



The first international sports fair was held at the Anfas Exhibition Center in Antalya, Turkey, March 22-26, 2019. The event was attended by 32 countries where local and foreign companies from various sectors were present, among them motorcycle tourism, with the presence of Boat & Bike Global Adventurers. The fair was a great event that moved and fortified the sector the country and had great coverage by local and international media. The prestigious event was attended by the governor of Antalya, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Ambassadors of Mexico and Cuba.

Harley-Davidson Antalya Dealer, HOG Antalya Chapter and HOG Bosphorus of Istanbul were featured along with Boat & Bike Global Adventurers in a very organized and decorated motorcycle booth, including: 1 Sportster 1200 Custom (blue color designed for long drives 1 Dyna Street Bob (1 modified Custom Predator), 1 Sportster 1200 XL (original version) and 1 Sportster Forty-Eight (original version), plus 2 Hondas composed of 1 Pan-European 1200 and 1 Excalibur Honda CVR modified custom 650), and 1 Suzuki GCXR 750 (modified to order). The exposed bikes were not available for sale. The booth attracts many visitors for photos with bikes, as well as being able to get to know the services of Global Bike and buy tour packages.

Boat & Bike Global Adventurers, created this year, is a “company” with a new concept, it is an international business consortium, formed by some companies specialized in tours of motorcycles and boats. All the associated companies are specialized and with great experience in conducting tours for motorcyclists and motorcycle rentals: “We offer combined tours with boat and motorcycles as well as tours with only boats or motorcycles in Turkey. We have routes along the Trans-Siberian road and in Moscow-St. Petersburg Lakes Road in Russia, BeSt. Petersburg Motorcycle Days in St. Petersburg (Ex St. Petersburg Harley-Days, this year changes name because of political decision), Nord Cape Road (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia), South American Tour from Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo to Uruguay, Argentina and back to Brazil). We are also working on tours with Argentina (Patagonia), South Africa, Namibia and New Zealand, says Murat Pura. There are always new routes!

Murat is the owner of Neslisah Yacht SA, which is a boat operator, created in 2016. He has been a commercial pilot for 37 years, currently flying for AirPlus Aviation SA: “In the past, we prepared flights between Israel and São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. We signed agreements with Avianca Brasil. We formed AirPlus Aviation in São Paulo, but ANAC’s rules and regulations in Brazil did not allow us to go further and, as the political situation became unstable, we froze our plans in the country.

I motorcycle rider since 1976, year that bought his first Harley-Davidson, a Panhead 1952. I still have this bike and I love it. Sometimes I even drive a few miles with her. At that time there was no HOG. There were Harley-Davidson clubs in different countries. The HOG arrived in 1983 and today is 36 years old. I’m older than HOG. I already did some motorcycle trips in Brazil. I made the route between Porto Alegre and São Paulo. I drove from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, from Recife to Fortaleza. But none of them was organized. A friend of mine who has two Harley-Davidson, an Ultra Limited Low and a CVO Limited, lent me one and we rolled together. It was fun! I love Brazil! This is a land where I feel at home. I love people and I see many similarities between Turks and Brazilians. I’m always in Brazil!

My favorite Harley-Davidson is the one I’m wearing now. It is a Custom Custom 1200 Sportster produced by Akrep (Scorpion) Customs in Turkey. I completed today 43,000 km with this bike, within a period of 14 months. No problem at all. She’s like a bike made for me, my size, my driving style, so much comfort, even more than I would have with the new CVO, which is an exceptional bike with a Milwaukee Harley-Davidson engine. If I had to buy a Harley Davidson now, it would be a CVO Limited.

The idea of ​​organizing boat trips happened in November 2018, when the Costa Rican Tourism Minister, Mr. Mauricio Ventura, came to Antalya to visit me. He’s a motorcyclist and we were running and surfing together for a week. He liked it a lot and advised all motorcyclists to try this kind of ride. So we started doing it, “Murat recalls.

Murat is also the founder of Boat & Bike Global Adventurers, along with his friends: Peter Ruotsalo, from Finland, who runs motorcycle tours around the world, owns Peter Pan Bike World, established in 1998 conducts motorcycle road and off road tours; Igor Scherbakov and Alevtina Bolgova, from Russia, who created the St. Petersburg Harley-Days; Mustafa Karakulak from Akrep (Scorpion) Customs, Turkey, responsible for the customizations of the motorcycles that were at the fair, all of which are from Neslisah Yacht. Recently they also joined the consortium: Alexander Yunanov of Yunan Mototour of Moscow, Russia.

In Brazil, Boat & Bike Global Adventurers is represented by Eugenio Giraldo Tarquino of Motorio Rentals, motorcycle rentals and national and international tours, and by Claudia Terra Enthusiast-Motorcycle and Aviation / Media and Communication journalist, always with exclusive reports available on Entusiasta ( and on the Moto Adventure Magazine site, especially in the English section

Bike & Boat Global Adventurers is present in Turkey, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Italy and Brazil. There are negotiations for new partnerships with Croatia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and South Africa.

“Our main goal is to arouse people’s interest in motorcycles. We at Neslisah Yacht SA have prepared some packages that are perfect for families. If children are present, they are occupied with sun, sea and boat under the captain’s and crew’s watch, while adults can continue their bikes and visit the incredible southern coast of Turkey, where the story goes for 5000 years before Jesus Christ. It is not only the history of civilizations, there is also the beginning of Christianity, so religious beliefs are around this area, in addition to the natural beauties. The coast, the bays and the beaches offer incredible beauties. In some places you can see a fish swimming 30 meters deep. Both the Greek islands and the Turkish coast have many UNESCO heritage sites to see. One can practice water skiing, windsurfing, surf paddling, diving, coastal walks and some other boat sports. There is scuba diving and paragliding, however they need to be accompanied by licensed professional instructors. All this with a special price that we always offer to our customers. I must mention that the meals on the boat are much better than in any 5 star restaurant in Turkey and Europe. The culinary events at Neslisah Yacht are of a high level, with high gastronomy from various countries. We take care of special requests. Our route follows the Turkish coast and some beautiful Greek islands, however, we can adjust the destination according to the wishes of our guests, whenever time permits, “explains Murat.

Bike & Boat Global Adventurers was a great success at the fair, according to Murat, they were surprised by the great interest of people in the boat and motorcycle rides. Several motorcyclists and motorcycle groups look for them at the booth to close some tours: “the reactions of the people were very positive. And if our proposal works here, I want to offer this to similar organizations around the world. This includes Brazil, of course, “says Murat.

It has a special tip for motorcyclists to ride in Turkey: “Southern Turkey is my secret tip for motorcycle riders in the world. You can ride a motorcycle almost all year round. Temperatures are between 6 to 18 degrees Celsius in winter and between 20 to 44 degrees Celsius in the summer. The roads are very good and there are many things to see. But all of Turkey is a bikers paradise. Cappadocia, the Aegean Region, the North Sea region of Turkey, Istanbul are also advisable, although in winter it is a bit difficult to drive. Never, unless even in those regions, you can drive for at least 7 to 8 months a year. When winter is in Brazil, South America, we have summer in Turkey. So, please, come and be our guest! Here you can decide with our team if you want to rotate and sail in this part of the world.

To our customers we offer the best security as well as the best service with affordable prices all over the world. In addition, as we work with local suppliers, we can offer services, activities unique to each location. Our style of operation with Bike & Boat Global Adventurers is a new trend, something new. There are many great tour operators, many who rent motorcycles or boats, but no one who offers all this together, at a very affordable price for groups of friends, the family, “explains Murat Pura.

The next edition of Sport Turkey Fair will be in September, Boat & Bike Global Adventurers will be present with more novelties, such as the sale of motorcycles and more global surprises 100% bikers for those who have adventure spirit for new routes, on land, water and beyond. At the fair or any place and moment the team of global adventurers does everything for you with great joy and professionalism. We are all one in this beautiful biker world! Live to ride, ride to live!



Cláudia Terra is a journalist, rider and lover of the Harley-Davidson universe.