Road Hammers Egyptian motorcycle club made up of members from all walks of life who ride all makes and models of bikes. Your goal is to meet and make new friends, plan rides and motorcycle events. It is a biker super family that gives the motorcycle community an image of respectable citizens while at the same time giving back to society by participating and planning with fundraising for local charities throughout the year. Road Hammers pilots always prioritizing safety first, members have the opportunity to be in a family that never leaves a driver behind! Road Hammers riders must follow the riding rules and the most experienced riders. “We attend many charity events, share orphan donation events, help children’s cancer hospitals. The Founders is a family group that started working for this club since early 2011, when this group had 10 members, we are now 80 members, but we are treating all members as founders because they share the same goals and responsibilities. We have 80 official members and we have almost 10 guests joining the club. We hope to reach 100 members soon and we will have members from all over Egypt, ”says Mohamed El Gendy Club President.

Road Hammers accept different models and mark of motorcycles, but not less than 1300 cc, in the club there are Hondas, Suzuki, Harley Davidson, Triumph, Kawasaki, Yamaha and the Big Monster BOSS HOSS. The club has great relationship with other motorcycle clubs and groups. Conheça outros clubes do Egito Arábia  Saudita e outros. (

Always participates in HOG events and other clubs. Road Hammers accepts women with active members in the group: “Yes, we do, we already have women-friendly bikers who travel with us sometimes but aren’t members yet,” says Mohamed El Gendy. And in the club there are members with real tattoos, something that is becoming natural in the country and region among bikers.In October the club always celebrates its founding anniversary with a big party which in 2019 brought together more than 35 motorcycle clubs and groups from nearby Egypt, nearly 1000 bikers gathered at this 8 year celebration in its host city in the Cairo. A biker-only event: “The event started at noon and lasted into the night with live, electronic music featuring styles between rock, jazz and our original music, of course!

We Road Hammers always seek to gather and share events, there are many club anniversaries, tourist and charity events that are organized throughout the year and that Hammers always attend. The best time to ride a motorcycle in Egypt is during the weekends and the time is different, as there are usually night rides in summer and morning rides in winter. The best places are the highways between (Cairo-Alexandria), (Cairo-Ain Soukna), are the usual tours, besides the route between Cairo and the Red Sea (Hurghada), Cairo and Aswan in southern Egypt and the route between Cairo – Sinai because they are so long. And every year there’s a big event near the pyramids, ”says Mohamed El Gendy Club President.

Mohamed El Gendy is an experienced biker and loves his Bulevard M109R, but he had his first motorcycle without knowing how to ride: “My first motorcycle was a Honda Steed 600 cc, I bought it, although I didn’t know anything about riding. I bought it and didn’t know how to walk to take her home until I called my friend and took her home. Honda Steed, I bought 2 years ago because I love it, although I didn’t know where and how to restore it, I did a full restoration that cost me more than the purchase price, but it was a challenge and a love together and I am very proud to love it. -over there. Now I have my adorable 8 year old baby, a Suzuki Boulevard M109R. I also have Kawasaki Voyager 1700, Kawasaki Concours 14 for some gentle rides and Suzuki Hayabusa for adrenaline rush, ”says Mohamed.

But before discovering a love of motorcycling, the president of Road Hammers already had a passion for one of the most personal and darling vehicles among carbureted machine freaks, the Beetle. The Wolksvagen icon that has charmed and still delights many enthusiasts on every continent. The Beetle is very much alive in Egypt, with Beetles clubs and vintage car events similar to those we have in Brazil and other countries: “Beetle is like my 1st love, I am a member of Beetle Club. Here in Egypt we have a big Beetle club called Masr Beetle club that is organizing meetings and rides the style we bikers do. I attended the 2018 Vintage Wheels Egypt event and my Beetle was accepted by the committee to participate in the show and my entire family Road Hammers participated with the motorcycles. We have 3 or 4 guys from Road Hammers who are also members of the Beetle club. I like engines in general. I liked the sound of the air-cooled engine, the next plan is to go to Harley Davidson. I love Road King. My big dream as a biker is to organize a great tour of the Middle East. I have made many trips to Sharm Elsheikh (south of Sinai) and Hurghada (Red Sea), which are almost 500+ km, the longest trip was Aswan Ride (southern Egypt) with over 900 km Hammers was the first group to do in the country, unfortunately, I lost, but I will do it next time soon. I know Brazil will have a Moto GP Grand Prix race again in Rio de Janeiro in 2022, I also know that Brazil is a country known for hosting motorcycle races, I have never participated in events like these, but I am willing to do if there is a chance, ”says Mohamed He is always traveling to various continents to ride a motorcycle and South America is in the plans for 2020.

Road Hammers love to mingle, but mostly it’s a group of friends who love to ride and bring to life the true sense of being a biker with joy, respect and safety aboard their beautiful motorcycles. They always make one long trip each quarter at a distance of 300 km and 1 or 2 annual trips at a distance of over 500 km, all together. Some members also travel to other continents to ride a motorcycle. Egypt is a country of many beauties, mysteries and also a thriving country for motorcycling, with great people, places, great roads and beautiful scenery to be discovered and contemplated aboard a beautiful motorcycle and friends.




*Cláudia Terra is a journalist, rider and lover of the Harley-Davidson universe. Follow her on the blog.