Arab Eagles Riders group from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, founded in 2015, by the initiatives of road captains Walid Mahmoud and Amjad Basuni, current president and vice president of the group, respectively. The group has 22 members from various nationalities, including Amjad Basuni, who is from Egypt, but all of them live in Jeddah and are members of HOG Jeddah, which has approximately 1,000 members, according to Amjad. With the slogan “Ride to the Sky”, according to Amjad, the group’s main goal is not to have a large number of members, the main objective of the group is to make international tours and longer rides requiring special type of motorcyclists, those who They like to ride for long hours. The group accepts women as active members in the group, with their own bikes. The group is officially recognized and enrolled in SAMF (Saudi Arabian Motor Federation).

The Arab Eagles Riders always make long trips through the region of Saudi Arabia, as well as to other countries. Annually they perform a super tour to Egypt, the Ride In Love from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. This year the journey took place from February 14 to 25, 4,000 km round trip: “The journey left from Jeddah to Dhuba, 900 km. We started our trip to Egypt by visiting the Egyptian consulate in Jeddah, and the second day we Gathred on Jeddah Madian Highway as per the plan. The journey began at 7 am on the night of February 14, 2019. We rested and the next day we took the ship to cross the Red Sea to Hurghada, 4 hours at sea. More than 300 motorcyclists were with us. Last year there were more than 500 motorcyclists with us in Alexandria. It was a wonderful trip, “Amjad explains.

In Egypt the traveling bikers were welcomed with great party by the Egyptian groups, about 200 motorcyclists: Alex bikers, Free Riders, Road Hammers, Family Bikers, Commanders, Anubis, Freedom Riders, Cairo Scooters, Suais Bikers, Dumiat Bikers and AFRC. The adventurers of the Arab Egles Riders stayed in Cairo for 14 days after moving on to Alexandria, Al-Ain Al-Sokhna, on the Red Sea side, where they had a big event. There is no special requirement for the motorcyclist to participate except the willingness to run love for adventure, the payment of the $ 2,500 registration, which included food and lodging.They traveled only during the day, for safety reasons, in addition to day trips being the coolest to know the natural beauties of the region that make up the route: “During the trip we make several stops to rest, take photographs to take Water. The look on our route had mountains and the Red Sea.

We usually plan our trip with stops every 120 km. We drove about 1000 km a day. For overnight stays we stayed in motels and hotels. When we got to Egypt it was raining in Cairo. We are already planning the new 2020 season of Ride In Love from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and this time with a big surprise. Follow the information on our page,”explains Amjad. In the name of Enthusiast ( thank you for the invitation and we plan to attend the next group tour to Egypt.

The group always has a long trip in the agenda. In April the team along with other members of HOG Jeddah, rode 1500 in a grand 3-day celebration for the 20-year presence of the HOG Jeddah Chapter and the Harley Davidson in the city. There is always a new project on the horizon of the Arab Egles Riders. Amjad Basuni is a very experienced motorcyclist, but he has lived in Saudi Arabia for 25 years. A fan of Harley Davidson and has an Ultra Glide, he has traveled by motorcycle through Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Chezk Republic, Germany, Austria and there are plans to shoot in Brazil and South America. And his great dream as a motorcyclist is to do a super tour International under the title under ‘Peace and Love for All Humanity’ for peace on the planet among all peoples: “The dream is to take an international tour, my plan is to make this trip for 6 months with another 1 or 2 friends. And we will begin the journey through the continent of Asia going to Africa, Europe, North America and South America. But to carry out this project we need a lot of planning and a great sponsor, “says Amjad. This is a grandiose project for a noble cause beyond the adventure and pleasure of running on new routes and discovering the beauties of this beautiful planet, but also of carrying a beautiful message of peace to all people, all nations. Enthusiast and Moto Adventure we are also in this beautiful campaign for peace with great reporting.

At any time and place all flags and voices for peace will always bring more joy to all on this beautiful planet. Peace is always a noble path to follow for all on this planet that is constantly evolving. We motorcyclists all over the Earth always find an extra flag to show off in our adventures of joys and freedom for our pleasure and well-being and for harmony among all. May the Arab Egles Riders peace journey be launched soon and successfully. Peace, love and beautiful adventures for all!




Cláudia Terra is a journalist, rider and lover of the Harley-Davidson universe.