Here the magic of the old continues its story astonishing and enchanting the new motorcycling with friendliness and beauty




The small and friendly town of Barra Bonita, in the interior of São Paulo, received the 4th edition of PNT TT (Pé na Tábua -A Corrida), the largest, most complete and fun event of old bikes in Brazil. Here the classic of all time, brands and powers come to life, because the party on the track, with races, that delight the public and make those in love with these machines go back in time with these bikes full of history. The total number of bikes entered this year was 200 bikes for racing, and several bikes participate in more than one category, all bikes with more than 35 years of history. And, full bike party has to have the female presence on the track too, in the category just for them, the consecrated Lipstick Category, which had the participation of 23 riders. This year there was a special category for the mini riders like the Hondas ST70 / SS50 and others.

The event took place from June 20th to 23rd, with free access to the public and brought together motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts from all time, cities of Brazil and riders from Uruguay and Portugal, which was present with Só Classicas magazine, main supporter event media, with coverage and a booth at the event. The clubs, Veteran Motorcycle Club of Brazil and Monkings, aimed at preserving the old bikes, were present with their own booths. From Brazil the official media present at the event was “Rota 61 DF” channel, from Brasilia.

The event always honors a brand in each edition. This year the honoree was JAWA, for its 90 years of existence, which is still manufactured in India. There are many things happening at the same time at the event: “there are workshops, chat wheels, elegance contest, racing, business, public flea fairs, trivia, former riders, event-driven restorations, sometimes completed on top of the hour or even during the event. The fair selling parts is a big draw, ”says Vinicius Caires, one of the creators of the PNT TT, pilot and rarity collector.

PNT was born in 2011 with the purpose of doing something unlike anything that was done at vintage car events in Brazil: “At the time, 99% of the events were vintage car exhibitions where most participants were vehicles under 40 years old. . The PNT was born as a “car race where everyone should be manufactured by 1936 at the latest”, which is our Clunker Race. Since then we have held 4 events each year, each with a different style, a different vehicle and different participants. But the philosophy of “getting the vehicles to run” still holds true in every way. The 4 events are: PNT – CC ( Calhambeques Race) – Cars until 1936; PNT-TT (Motorcycle Race) until 1984; PNT – KK (King-Kombi) – Kombis from 1950 to 2013; PNT -2T. (2 Stroke engines) Cars and “Race Motorcycles” with 2 Stroke engines. We started in Franca with the Calhambeques. So we went to Barra Bonita to do the Moto (TT) and Kombis (KK) events and we still have the city of Itatinga (with the DIMEP Circuit) for the DKW PNT, ”explains Tiago Songa. Learn more about the PNT TT 2018 edition ( and other articles here (

Despite the originality and success of PNT TT there is no official presence at the event of any major motorcycle brand: “great brands ?! None! Big brands want us to explode! They want to sell new bikes, sell their branded gloves and jackets, sell the 5,000km overhaul with the oil that only she has. No major brand “IN BRAZIL” cares about its history, much less who spends the money that collectors spend to preserve a historical-cultural heritage that could be greatly explored by the big brands. This is an overview of what happens in all events that have old vehicles in Brazil, but so that I don’t do injustices, in 2015, a Ducati agency in the interior of São Paulo set up a booth at the event. In 2016 Indian Motorcycle officially attended the event and in 2017 and 2018 a Royal Enfield dealership also set up a booth. But they are independent actions of dealers. Explains James Songa, creator of PNT.

 According to James, in the event area there is no exclusive parking space. Barra Bonita is a small town, but close to the event venue to avenues with parking spaces. The only “reserved” parking lot that exists is a nearby lot that the organization rents and offers “free of charge” to the participants to store the bike reels. This year there were almost 40 reels there. There is also a good hotel chain, plus 2 campsites to welcome staff. The PNT TT movies around the city. The main sponsors are Motul Lubricants and Cral Batteries, but there are partners who prefer only one PNT modality to sponsor, such as Ecobrisa Climatizantes, who is very fond of the PNT-CC (Calhambeques Race) format.

Tiago Songa, creator of the PNTs began his connection with old bikes in 2000: “I bought my first one in 2000, a 1974 RD 250. Then came a 1936 NSU ZDB 201, the DKW 250 (which I still have), a CB 450 Nelson Piquet, but I always spent more time moving the old cars, because the events grew all over Brazil and we always participated with the cars. Old motorcycle events in the late 1990s and early 2000s were either scarce or far away for me to go alone. But during PNT TT I barely have time to sleep. I don’t participate in the races at the event, that would be a luxury. I always wanted a motorcycle from the 1920s, so I think I already realized that dream. What I like most about this vintage universe is the simplicity and creativity of motorcycle mechanics prior to 1930. I don’t consider myself a motorcycle collector, but I like the 3 I currently have. A 1936 DKW 250 Sport, a 1961 Racing Gulivette, a 1928 Harley. I don’t have favorites, but people like Harley JD better. Generally 10 months in advance we release the first PNT TT release on the Whatsaap group of pilots, explains Tiago.

The old motorcycle event was born in November, was moved to June at the request of the riders (to get out of the rainy season), this has become a cool option for everyone, with 4 days of event in winter. The PNT is made up of 4 modalities and the plan is to reach 6 modalities by 2021. The PNT-TT was and has been pioneering the gathering of a large number of truly resurrected, restored motorcycles that come to life with each edition in the PNT TT racing. to the delight of everyone crazy about old machines and many stories. And for those who like jalopy, in November will have another edition of PNT Calhambeques see details in the site

By 2020, for another super edition of the renowned Pé na Tabua! Until then! We are all one in this party and passion for the biker universe of adventure and freedom anywhere.




*Cláudia Terra is a journalist, rider and lover of the Harley-Davidson universe. Follow her on the blog.